Mounting Systems

At bounding montage system firstly L and U anchors are mounted with anchorages according to the mounting surface (steel in the reinforced concrete) and anchor size appropriate to the dimension. In accordance with the project on it is make the installation of stone wool and moisture barrier to ensure thermal insulation and water tightness.

Anodized aluminum T profiles or galvanized sheet metal C profiles on U type anchors are used with trapezoidal screw according to the balance to fix L profile anchors. The profile surface is cleaned using a clean cloth with suitable chemicals (which have cleaning features). The same procedure is applied to the panel that will be mounted on the profile. Before the adhesive, an adherence enhancer Primer is applied to the cleaned surface. After the primer is dried, a front holder tape is mounted on the profile by taking measurements on the vertical. The tape adheres as a front holder until the adhesive cures and adjusts the thickness of the adhesive. Adhesive mastic which is set as the tip of the cannula is applied next to the front holding band. The surface protection on the tape is lifted and the plate is carefully placed and pressed by the hands as powerfully as the band at the low compression rate allows. Thus, the installation of the panel is completed.

Ekobord’s painted and pattern printed products are the best suitable for mounting with the adhesive system. The painting of these products can be done at the factory or at the building site before installation.