Ekobord Mono

Stucco Textured Fibre Cement Board

EkobordMono, commonly known as a fibre cement plate, is a cellulose fiber reinforced and cement based plate which can be used in all kinds of interior and exterior surface coatings with an A1 class non-flammability certificate. The flat plates that are called mono are produced entirely from natural materials. They are widely used in prefabricated buildings and in different decoration solutions.

Ekobord Mono; If desired the primer, and if also desired the primer and topcoat can be manufactured.

Sertifikalandırılmış ve Test edilmiştir.
Doğal ve kokusuz ham maddeler kullaılmıştır. Zehirli gaz emisyonu yoktur.
EN-13501-1’e göre A1 sınıfı yanmaz. Yangının sönmesine yardım eder.
Ekobord fibercement levhalar tek başına 28 Db ses yalıtımı sağlar
Product Areas
Siding Exteriors
Interior Decorative Plating
Column Facing
Wall Applications Wall Panels
Partition Walls
Prefabricated Building Walls
Applications Below The Ceiling and Roof Coatings Suspended Ceiling (8 mm poducts)
Thickness 8 mm - 14 mm (By increasing 2 mm)
Standard Production Dimensions (width) 1250 x (lenght) 3000 mm
Special production and cutting are performed according to the project.
Technical Specifications
Tested according to ISO quality management system of EN 12467
Material Properties Category A Category B Category D
Apparent Density (g/cm3) ~1,40 ~1,35 ~1,42
Bending Strength (N/mm2) (MPa) (in wet conditions ≥7 ≥7 -
Bending Strength (N/mm2) (MPa) (laboratory conditions) >10 >10 ≥10
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2) (MPa) >5500 >5000 >6000
Porosity (%) ~40
Thermal Conductivity - (W/m.K) <0,20 <0,20 <0,26
Thermal Expansion Coefficient - (mm/mK) <0,005
Tolerances Thickness Flat boards 10%, Textured boards -10% to +15%
Width/Length (mm) ±3,75 / ±5
Edge Smoothness (%) ±0,1
Compliance to EN 12467 standard
Fire Resistancy A1
Water Impermeability OK
Warm Water Test OK
Frost Resistance OK
Asbestos NT type (non-asbestos) board