Ekobord Takes Precautions Against COVID-19 Outbreak

The precautions we have taken as the Ekobord against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which has been experienced recently, affecting the whole world and also occurring in our country, are as follows.

1. Information posters are posted in certain areas and the "14 Rules Against New Coronavirus Risk" steps published by the Ministry of Health are followed.

2. Transformational and flexible working model was introduced.

3. Chronic patients who are not under control and employees over 60 are considered as 12 days administrative leave.

4. Measurements are made every day with fire meters at the entrance of the administrative building and inside the factory.

5. Disinfectant processes and cleaning of company vehicles are provided routinely.

6. Disinfection of the vehicles belonging to the service company is provided.

7. Disinfection, ventilation and cleaning processes of the factory, office, dining hall, masjid, dressing rooms, kitchen, sink and toilets have been increased.

8. Cologne is available in all rooms.