Vefa, was at the BAU Fair with its two brands.

Vefa which participated with its Vekon and Steelife brands to the BAU Fair, which is Europe's largest fair establishing the future trends at a world scale, was met with great interest at the fair. While Vekon gained prominence with its folding living units, Steelife met especially representatives coming from African countries for mass housing projects.

Vefa, participating in the BAU Fair, the meeting point of the building sector which was realized between January 14-19 in Germany's city of Munich, came back from the fair with a smile.

Vefa which regulatory takes part in the BAU Fair which is described as the world's leading architecture, building and construction materials fair, took its place in the fair this year with its Vekon and Steelife brands. In the fair which had participation from 2 thousand 60 companies from 46 countries, Vefa welcomed its visitors in stand number 126 in hall B2.

Turan Koçyiğit, Vefa CEO, stated that the BAU Fair was productive for both of their brands which participated. Turan Koçyiğit who indicated that in the BAU Fair, which is a fair which companies exhibit their new products and announce their new technologies, the visitors shoved great interest to Vefa's brands, registered that among visitors architects and engineers were predominant who were coming from all corners of the world from India to African countries and South Korea.

Steelife also talked to African countries for mass housing projects. Turan Koçyiğit who said that with Steelife which was among the brands in the fair, they attracted attention to the fact that the light steel structure system has a repair construction speed which could not be compared with the classical building systems, recorded that they explained the advantages of the light steel construction system to the fair visitors.

Turan Koçyiğit who indicated that they also had negotiations for the mass housing projects planned especially in African countries said: “the urban transformation project which we realized in Gabon is establishing a good example related to the speed of the galvanized light steel structure system. Thanks to this we found the opportunity to discuss similar projects planned again on the same geography.”

Vekon's folding living units attracted attention Turan Koçyiğit who said that they revealed the Super Practical Living Units (SPYU) which is Vekon's new product in the BAU Fair on the world stage said “the folding multi-purpose living units which are a first in Turkey and the world, took the interest and success it saw in Turkey to the world with the BAU.”